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Please use our online booking system to book your travel health consultation. For all non-travel services and children's vaccinations, please call to book.

Please call to book in for any of the following travel vaccinations
Yellow Fever
Hepatitis B

By booking an appointment you agree to our terms and conditions.

Booking FAQs

What do I need to bring to my appointment?

If you have booked a travel health consultation, please bring a record of any vaccinations you have had in the past, any medications you are currently taking and your travel itinerary.

 If you have booked a consultation for your child, please bring: 

  • The red book and your child’s medical history 
  • Any medications your child is taking 
  • A favourite toy to comfort your child and distract them if required 
  • Proof of parental responsibility - this is required if you’re neither the mother nor the married father of the child.

I’m booking an appointment for a child - what do I need to know?

According to Uk laws, consent to the treatment is required in order to treat a child or young person:

  • Consent given by children between 16 and 17 years old (“young persons”) is valid and cannot be overruled by persons with parental authority except if the young person is lacking capacity to consent or in exceptional cases by the court.

  • Children under the age of 16 can consent to medical treatment only if the doctor or nurse decide that the child has sufficient understanding, maturity and intelligence to consent to the treatment ( as per “Gillick Competence” or Fraser guidelines). 

If this is not the case, consent by a person having parental responsibility will be required. Other relatives or babysitters can't provide consent for treatment.

Parental authority resides automatically with the mother, married father or the legal guardian.

Legal guardians and unmarried fathers need to provide proof of parental responsibility:

  • Unmarried fathers who are named on the birth certificate to children born after 01/12/2003 can bring the certificate as proof. 

  • Unmarried fathers not named as per above or having children born before 01/12/2003 and step parents who have a Parental Responsibility Order can bring this order as proof. 

  • If you are a legal guardian, please bring any legal evidence or document to prove your status as a/the legal guardian.

Please bring your child’s red book and any medications you child is taking to the appointment.

We also recommend that you bring your child’s favourite toy with you to distract and comfort them.

To book an appointment for a child, please call our booking line. Our lines are open Mon - Fri 9am - 6pm and Sat until 5pm.

Do you offer free vaccinations?

We offer a private health service and charge for the vaccinations and services we provide. 

However, we offer free flu vaccinations funded by the NHS. 

You may be eligible if you: 

  • are over 65 are pregnant 
  • have asthma or lung disease 
  • have diabetes 
  • have a chronic kidney or liver condition 
  • have had a stroke 
  • have an illness

Can I get an appointment at any of your stores?

Not all Superdrug stores have a Health Clinic. To find your local Superdrug Health Clinic, please use our clinic finder.

What happens during the consultation?

If you have booked a consultation for an occupational health vaccine or a test, the nurse or pharmacist will have a brief conversation with you to ensure the service you have booked is right for you. You will then receive your vaccination, treatment or test.

If you attend a travel health consultation, the health advisor will talk you through health risks at your travel destination and check which vaccinations you need. They may also ask you about your medical history to ensure any vaccinations they recommend are suitable for you. You will receive your vaccinations and preventative medications during the same appointment. You may need to come back for another appointment if you require further doses.

Your consultation will take approximately 30 minutes.

When should I book my travel health appointment?

The sooner you book your appointment for a travel health consultation the better - some vaccinations take several weeks to be fully effective. You should aim to visit a travel clinic at least 6 - 8 weeks before you travel.

If you are travelling sooner it’s still important that you speak to a travel nurse or pharmacist. Getting vaccinated late is better than not getting any protection and you may be able to get vaccinated on an accelerated schedule to get protected in time.

When do I need to pay?

There is no payment required to book an appointment. You will pay for any vaccinations, tests or treatments after your appointment at one of our clinics. You can pay by cash or card.

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