Corporate DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio) Vaccination Service

Looking after employee wellbeing is crucial within all industries, and this includes ensuring your staff are protected against high-risk diseases while carrying out work or travelling for their profession. Corporate Healthcare by Superdrug can offer you and your employees support to ensure their vaccinations are up to date, including the vaccine for diphtheria, tetanus, and polio (DTP).

What is the DTP vaccination?

DTP is short for diphtheria, tetanus, and polio, and the combined vaccination protects you against all three diseases.

What is Diphtheria?

Diphtheria is a highly contagious infection spread through contact with the saliva or mucus of an infected person. Symptoms can be very unpleasant and include a high fever, difficulties breathing and a grey or white membrane in the throat. It is very rare to contract diphtheria in the UK, but if you are travelling to a high-risk area, it is advised to check you are vaccinated or if you need a booster jab to keep yourself protected.

What is Tetanus?

Tetanus is a bacterial infection caused by clostridium tetani bacteria and usually occurs if this bacterium enters an open wound. The most common symptoms of tetanus include stiffness of the jaw muscles, and the risk of contracting it is higher if an animal bites you and if the wound has been in contact with soil or manure.

What is Polio?

Polio is a viral infection that can cause damage to the nervous system, which can be potentially fatal. Polio no longer exists in the UK due to a widespread vaccination programme, but if you plan a trip abroad that still has polio cases, you may need a booster vaccine.

About our Corporate DTP Vaccination Service

Help keep yourself and your employees protected with our Corporate Health Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio Vaccination.

The vaccination, which lasts for ten years, will be administered by a fully trained nurse from one of our UK-wide health clinics into the upper arm. If you have had a DTP vaccination in the past ten years, you may require a booster.

DTP Vaccination Side Effects

Once you have received the vaccination, you may experience a few mild side effects, including soreness at the injection site and feeling unwell.

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Terms & Conditions

In-store vaccinations

  • For in-store vaccinations, where a corporate account is set up, vaccinations will only be provided following a thorough risk assessment and presentation of valid ID.

On-site vaccinations

  • On-site vaccinations will incur a deployment fee based on the number of vaccinations requested
  • Payments for on-site vaccinations are based on the number of vaccinations requested and not what is delivered on the day
All services are subject to suitability and availability.

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