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Period Delay tablets

Our period delay service allows women to postpone and control when their period starts for times when a period would be inconvenient, such as when they are going on holiday.

About period delay medication

  • Who is this service for? Women aged 18 up to age 50
  • What medications are available? Utovlan (Norethisterone) 5mg tablets
  • How to take: Take one 5mg tablet, three times a day, starting three days before your expected period
  • Side effects: Side effects can include irregular vaginal bleeding, changes to your menstrual cycle, abdominal discomfort and altered moods.
  • Additional precautions: This service is not suitable for women currently using hormonal methods of contraception (such as the pill, patch, implant). It is also not suitable for women at higher risk of blood clots. Our nurse or pharmacist will be able to assess you during the consultation.


Course 10-30 days
Pack size 30-90 tablets
Price from £17.99

How it Works

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Frequently Asked Question

How does period delay medication work?

Utovlan is a medication that delays the start of your period. The active ingredient in Utovlan is a hormone called norethisterone, which works by keeping your progesterone levels high enough to prevent ovulation and maintain the uterus lining (similar to what happens during pregnancy).

Utovlan does not prevent pregnancy, so you still need to use protection even if you’re using period delay medication. Our nurses and pharmacists will be able to offer advice during your consultation if you’d like to know more about your contraception options whilst taking Utovlan.

How to take period delay medication?

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What are the side effects of period delay medication?

Side effects can include:

  • irregular vaginal bleeding
  • changes to your menstrual cycle
  • abdominal discomfort
  • mood changes
  • nausea

Please see the patient information leaflet for a full list of side effects.


Drug interactions

Norethisterone tablets should not be taken at the same time as some medications, for example some epilepsy medication, antiviral medication, and the ulipristal “EllaOne” morning after pill. Our nurse or pharmacist will be able to assess this for you.

How can I get Period Delay medication?

Any of our Superdrug nurses or pharmacists can supply period delay medication after a short consultation, and provide you with the medication after the consultation, if it is suitable. You can book an appointment in one of our Superdrug Health Clinics for a face to face consultation with a nurse, who can supply period delay medication. Our nurses can also provide you with any travel advice or vaccinations you may need.

If you don’t need any travel advice, you can also walk in to any Superdrug Pharmacy without having to book an appointment first. The pharmacist will have a short consultation with you as soon as they are available, and you can get the medication after the consultation if it’s suitable for you.

You can also buy period delay medication online with Superdrug Online Doctor. You just need to fill in a short online questionnaire, and our doctors can prescribe this medication if they think it is safe and appropriate to do so. You can have these tablets delivered to an address of your choice, or you can pick them up from any Superdrug store in the UK.