Certificate Requirements

If you are entering China from a country where yellow fever is endemic, you may require a yellow fever certificate. The same applies if you change flights at the airport of a yellow fever risk country.

Yellow Fever vaccination £69 per dose

How much will it cost?

Per Dose £69
Doses per course 1
Price per course £69

Why do I need a consultation?

It is difficult to say which vaccines you need without asking a medical professional. Your itinerary, your medical history and the activities you have planned all affect which vaccinations you need. It is important that a trained travel nurse or pharmacist checks what you need.

Exactly the travel vaccinations you need - no more, no less.

During your consultation, our nurse or pharmacist will talk you through the health risks at your travel destinations to check which vaccines you need. If a vaccine is not essential, we will explain your options so you can decide whether you would like to have it.


Malaria is a serious and sometimes fatal disease transmitted by mosquitoes. You cannot be vaccinated against malaria.

Malaria Precautions

China is a low risk area and malaria tablets are not usually advised but you do need to practise insect bite avoidance to stay safe.There is a low risk of malaria in Yunnan and Hainan provinces, so you should ensure that you practise bite avoidance if visiting these regions. There is a very low to no risk of malaria in the rest of China, including popular tourist areas.Tell your travel nurse if you are planning a long trip, to stay in a remote area, away from easy access to medical facilities or are concerned you may be in a high risk group for medical reasons.


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