Superdrug Blood Tests

Superdrug Blood tests are here to help you to understand your physical health, and to help you to make some informed decisions about your health and lifestyle choices going forwards. Helping you to take control, to measure your own health and know your numbers – and know what they mean to your overall wellbeing. One step at a time – book your appointment today.

Taking control of your health

A Superdrug health assessment or blood test is with a qualified nurse, or phlebotomist, who will be able to take your blood sample and support you through your appointment.

Your sample will be packaged up and you will be asked to post it in a Royal Mail Post Box. Your sample is sent to a UKAS accredited lab where it will be analysed.

Your results will be reviewed by a team of experts who will be able to offer advice and personal recommendations on how you can take the next steps with your health journey.  You can measure and track your results across time with follow up tests to see how any lifestyle changes you may make are impacting your overall health.

How It Works

Book an appointment

Select your test, and book an appointment online or by calling our booking line

Attend your consultation & have your test

During your appointment our nurse or phlebotomist will assess your needs, complete a health questionnaire, take any necessary measurements and collect your blood sample. You will be asked to post it in a Royal Mail post box.

Receive your personalise medical report

Your results will be analysed by our UKAS accredited lab, and results will be reviewed by one of our medical team. A digital report with personal recommendations will be produced to help you to take control of your health

Health Checks and Blood Tests Frequently Asked Questions

Which test should I take?

Most of our tests are clearly named to help you to decide if it is the correct test for you e.g. Thyroid or Vitamin D Blood Tests.

If you would like a more general overview of your health we suggest that you book a General Health Check or Basic Health Check to start your journey.

Where do I go to have my blood sample taken?

Superdrug have over 80 nurse clinics in England, Scotland and Wales that are able to offer blood testing. When you have selected your test, book an appointment at your local clinic.

You should attend your appointment at the correct time, our clinics are signposted in the Superdrug store, but if you have any problems finding it please ask any member of staff.

When you attend clinic please wait in the waiting area until the nurse calls you in for your appointment.

What will happen when I have my sample taken?

The nurse will need to take a small amount of blood from your arm. No one enjoys a blood test, but if you are nervous please speak to the nurse and they will do their best to put you at ease.

Some of our tests require additional information (e.g. height, weight, blood pressure) – the nurse will take these measurements, and complete a health questionnaire with any information relevant to your test.

Thriva provide the labs and analysis for Superdrug Blood Tests, in order to process your test you will be asked to agree to being signed up for an account with Thriva. This will allow you access to the portal to retrieve your results.

Which biomarkers can Superdrug test for?

See a full list of our biomarkers here.

How do I receive my results?

When your results are ready they will be available in your Thriva account. You will receive an email to let you know that you can access your digital results, reviewed with personalised comments from the Thriva medical team.

What happens if there is a problem?

Occasionally there can be a problem with a blood sample and some markers cannot be analysed. In this case our Customer Service team will be in contact to arrange for a retest.

If your results show that improvements can be made to your health, this will be clear in the comments and health advice from the medical team. Suggested next steps will be clear.

If the medical team detect any critical health issues they will contact you immediately with advice. This is very rare.

Do I need to prepare for my test?

If the test that you select requires your to fast (not eat or drink anything except water for 10-14 hours before the sample collection) it will clearly state this on your confirmation email. If you are unable to fast you can still have the test but please let the nurse know so that your results can be reviewed accordingly.

Some hormonal tests are required to be taken on a specific day, this will be clear in the test information and on the confirmation email.

In general we recommend that you prepare for your test by keeping hydrated, drinking plenty of water, and if you can keep you arm warm ahead of the appointment. Wear clothing that is loose fitting so the nurse can access your arm easily.

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Find a full list of our Frequently asked Questions here.


Superdrug Health Clinics

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