Corporate MMR Vaccination Service

Does your job leave you exposed to high-risk diseases? Do you work with vulnerable people or travel for your career? If so, it is essential to be up to date with your vaccinations, including the MMR vaccine.
We offer the effective, combined MMR vaccination to keep you – and your employees – protected against the highly infectious diseases measles, mumps, and rubella through Corporate Healthcare by Superdrug.

What is MMR?

MMR refers to the combined vaccination that protects again measles, mumps, and rubella. Vaccinations against these three illnesses are vital as they can be easily spread between unvaccinated people and lead to serious health problems.

What are Measles?

Measles is a viral infection that is very uncommon in the UK now due to the effective vaccination programme. However, if caught, it can lead to unpleasant and potentially severe health issues.

What are Mumps?

Mumps is a contagious viral infection that can be identified by painful swellings in the side of a person’s face. It is spread in the same way as the common cold or flu, i.e., through infected saliva droplets.

What is Rubella?

Rubella, also known German measles, is a very rare illness that can be spread through coughs and sneezing. It is recognisable by a spotty rash and is especially serious for women who are pregnant.

About our Corporate MMR Vaccination Service

There may be several reasons why you, as an adult, have not been vaccinated against MMR. Corporate Healthcare by Superdrug can help you – and your employees – stay protected with our in-clinic vaccine service.

The MMR vaccination is delivered in two doses, which must be administered at least four weeks apart. If you plan on travelling for work, we advise you to have your first vaccination at least six weeks before your planned trip, so you have received both doses two weeks before your leave.

MMR Vaccination Side Effects

While the MMR vaccination is very safe, you may experience short-lived side effects. The area where the needle goes into your arm may become red, sore, swollen, or bruised for two to three days after your vaccination. It is also worth noting that as the injection is three vaccines-in-one, so you may experience side effects at different times for each of the conditions.

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Terms & Conditions

In-store vaccinations

  • For in-store vaccinations, where a corporate account is set up, vaccinations will only be provided following a thorough risk assessment and presentation of valid ID.

On-site vaccinations

  • On-site vaccinations will incur a deployment fee based on the number of vaccinations requested
  • Payments for on-site vaccinations are based on the number of vaccinations requested and not what is delivered on the day
All services are subject to suitability and availability.

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