Advanced Lipids with Apolipoproteins Blood Test

A detailed look at the fats and proteins that transport these fats in your blood. Compared to a standard cholesterol test, this will give you more advanced insights into your risk of heart disease through measuring your apolipoproteins.

Why would you benefit from this blood test?
This test measures the levels of different types of fats in your blood. It also measures your apolipoprotein levels (proteins that transport fats in your blood) — called apo A1 and apo B. Apo A1 helps to protect against heart disease, while apo B is linked to an increased risk of heart disease. Measuring your apolipoprotein levels is considered a better predictor of your risk of heart disease than a standard cholesterol test.

What biomarkers are we looking at?
• Cholesterol
• Apolipoproteins


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Frequently Asked Question

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For this blood test you will need to fast, not eat or drink anything except water for 8 hours, before hand.

For more information about our tests please look at our Frequently Asked Questions here.

After your appointment the nurse or phlebotomist will return the sample to you to be posted in a Royal Mail Post Box.