Advanced Weight Loss Blood Test

Exploring the advantages of a weight-loss consultation blood test
Embarking on a weight-loss journey can significantly impact your health, and a weight-loss consultation blood test can be a crucial tool in optimising your progress. Excess weight is intricately linked with various chronic conditions such as diabetes and heart disease, often accompanied by chronic inflammation and nutrient deficiencies.

Incorporating regular blood tests into a weight-loss programme provides you with the proactive benefit of identifying and addressing any potential nutrient deficiencies. It’s also an excellent way to obtain valuable insights into your progress, a significant factor that can help maintain your motivation. As you start to lose weight, improvements in key biomarkers such as cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and inflammation are frequently seen, reducing the risk of obesity-related illnesses.

A weight-loss consultation blood test facilitates tailored nutritional adjustments and serves as a tangible measure of your journey towards a healthier tomorrow.

The results of this test will give you a view as to your current health levels, repeating every three months through your weight loss period will help you to monitor the progress that you can’t see. Results will be tracked over time.



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Frequently Asked Question

What biomarkers are we looking at?
● Cholesterol and apolipoproteins
● HbA1c
● Advanced Iron profile
● B-Vitamins (Folate and active B12)
● Vitamin D

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For this blood test you will need to fast, not eat or drink anything except water for 8 hours, before hand.

Once your appointment has been completed, your sample will be packaged up and you will be asked to put it into a Royal Mail Post Box.

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