Energy with Advanced Thyroid Blood Test

Get insights into some of the key markers that influence your energy levels, and how you can improve them through your diet and lifestyle.

Why would you benefit from an Energy blood test?
While changes in your energy levels are normal, long periods of tiredness might be
a sign that something else is going on. A lot of factors can affect your energy — from
hormones and diet to lifestyle choices. Your energy levels are affected by hormones
produced by your thyroid gland. These hormones help control your metabolism — the chemical processes that occur in your body that keep you alive, like breathing and breaking down food into energy. Eating a balanced diet is very important for overall health. But there are a number of nutrients that are key to maintaining good energy levels. These include:
• Iron — low iron levels can lead to iron-deficiency anaemia, causing tiredness and
shortness of breath.
• Vitamin D — symptoms of vitamin D deficiency include tiredness and weak muscles

What biomarkers are we looking at?
• Advanced iron profile
• Advanced thyroid profile
• Vitamin D


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Frequently Asked Question

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For this blood test you will need to fast, not eat or drink anything except water for 8 hours, before hand.

For more information about our tests please look at our Frequently Asked Questions here.

After your appointment the nurse or phlebotomist will return the sample to you to be posted in a Royal Mail Post Box.