Female Hormone Blood Test (Day 3)

This test helps you check your hormonal health and understand your baseline levels.

Why would you benefit from a Female hormones blood test?
Detecting any imbalances can help you understand if this could be the cause of:

• a low sex drive
• low energy levels
• low mood
• hot flashes and night sweats
• weight changes

What biomarkers are we looking at?
• Luteinising hormone (LH)
• Oestradiol (OEST)


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Frequently Asked Question

When should I have the test?

The blood sample should be taken on day 3 of the menstrual cycle, or as close as possible. We recommend that you book a morning appointment as you are asked to fast ahead of the test.

To book your blood test select Superdrug Blood Tests on the booking portal.

For this blood test you will not need to fast.

For more information about our tests please look at our Frequently Asked Questions here.

After your appointment the nurse or phlebotomist will return the sample to you to be posted in a Royal Mail Post Box.