Male Fertility Hormone Blood Test

Unfortunately, this blood test is no longer available for booking. If you have already booked a blood test, before 6th June your appointment will go ahead. For appointments booked after 6th June, our Customer Service team will be in contact with you.

Male fertility is affected by many factors, including diet, thyroid function and sex hormone levels.

This test includes testosterone and FSH which are important hormones for sperm production, as well as a good overview of other health areas affecting fertility in men.



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Frequently Asked Question

Do I need to fast or prepare for my appointment?

For this blood test you will need to fast for at least ten hours before the test. Avoid ejaculation and heavy exercise for at least 48 hours before the test. This test is unsuitable for anyone with a urinary infection as this will affect the results, and it is not suitable for anyone undergoing a prostate biopsy in the past 6 weeks.

What should I expect during my appointment?

The Superdrug nurse will take a small sample of blood from your arm. 


The sample is then sent, via a special Royal Mail service to our UKAS registered lab to be analysed. Your results will be reviewed by Doctors at Melio Health, and they will send you a link to your results. To find out more about Melio Health click here 


You will need to consent to the nurse setting up a Melio Health account for you and your personal data being entered on the Melio patient portal; their terms and conditions can be found Melio Health Terms of Use

Markers included in the analysis:


Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)

Luteinising Hormone (LH)

Total Testosterone


Free Testosterone

Free thyroxine (FT4)

Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH)

Blood Sugar – HbA1C and Glucose


Folate (B9)

Vitamin D

Vitamin B12


SHBG (Sex Hormone Binding Globulin)

Blood Status


How long will it take to receive my results?

You will receive an SMS when your results are ready, which is usually within 2-3 working days of the blood draw. You can then log in to your Melio account to review your result and the interpretation of your result by a registered doctor. 

What happens if my results are not what I hoped for?

Your results will be clearly explained by the Melio Health doctors in their personal comments. You will be clearly notified if you need to follow up with your regular GP.

In case or very serious or urgent findings, one of the doctors will reach out to you directly.