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How to protect your workforce from the flu

The flu might seem like a forgotten illness of late with so much focus on COVID-19, but the flu remains a common and sometimes serious infection. We are all susceptible to flu, no matter how healthy or invincible we might consider ourselves. Preventing flu and preventing illness in the workplace is a straight-forward process, and corporate flu shots are the go-to option for many employers.
Often, people think they have the flu when really it’s just a bad cold. Symptoms of flu include a fever, chills, fatigue, and coughing, and as these are very similar to COVID-19, your employee would likely have to be absent from work even if they felt OK.

Corporate Healthcare by Superdrug has a solution to this predicament with our flu vaccination programme specifically designed to support businesses and organisations. We can provide a flu jab to your workforce, help you safeguard the health and happiness of your employees, and reduce the number of sick days taken by staff as a result of the flu. All of these factors will enable you to focus on the day-to-day running of your business or organisation.

Why is it important to get vaccinated against the flu?

The difference between cold and flu is that the flu can have debilitating effects on people; In some people the infection can lead to more severe complications such as pneumonia which have longer recovery periods.. This can lead to sudden and unexpected absence from work, leaving other staff to pick up the pieces. Severe colds and the flu are therefore highly disruptive and costly for businesses. Astonishingly, over five million working days were lost in December – January last year due to the flu and other coughs and colds. By vaccinating your workforce against flu, you can help protect your employees’ health when they’re at work, while simultaneously managing a more efficient and protected staff.

Cold and flu prevention in the workplace is not just about stopping the sick days from adding up. Improved overall health of your employees can also boost morale and increase productivity. Having good health benefits as part of your provision for your employees makes them feel valued and cared for. It also gives them (and yourself) peace of mind during these very challenging times for healthcare.

How can Superdrug help?

With our corporate flu shot programme, we offer quick, safe and effective flu vaccinations to your employees. Our dedicated team of qualified nurses and pharmacists carry out a thorough health assessment beforehand to ensure your employees get the right service. We then provide efficient protection against the flu. We can provide you with Corporate Flu e-vouchers, redeemable at over 200 Superdrug pharmacies across the UK.

How effective is the flu vaccine?

Scientific research and advancements in the flu shots are more sophisticated than ever. The NHS recommends that we get the flu vaccine every year at the start of Autumn, before the infection becomes widespread in winter months. The flu jab is updated regularly to keep up with virus mutations and different strains. Having a yearly flu jab maintains your antibodies and keeps your immune system fighting at its strongest. Getting vaccinated is highly recommended for anyone suffering with other health conditions, people over 50 and pregnant women.
On average, flu jabs protect around 59% of adults aged 18-65, this is thought to be lower in elderly populations. But even if it doesn’t provide 100% protection against one strain, it will protect against others. Those that have been vaccinated are also less likely to fall ill if they do get the flu and for a shorter period of time ̶ a crucial fact when considering how to prevent flu in the workplace and reduce the number of staff sick days.

More info on the flu vaccine

It is also important to note that people who get the flu and coronavirus at the same time are more likely to become seriously ill. Moreover, those who are at higher risk from coronavirus are thus more likely to be at risk from having serious problems if they catch flu.

Get in touch to find out more about the Corporate Flu Vaccinations at Superdrug and how we can support your workforce.

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