Phlebotomy Service (Venous Blood Sample)

At Superdrug, all of our nurses are trained to take blood samples, so that you can quickly and efficiently access a range of tests and checks.


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Frequently Asked Question

What to expect:

Before your test you should check the instructions from your service provider to see if you need to fast (avoid eating or drinking anything except water) before coming into clinic.

You should make sure that you keep yourself hydrated, by drinking lots of water which will make you feel calmer, and help with the blood draw.

It is quite usual to feel a little bit nervous before having a blood test. The nurse will do their best to put you at ease, and please do discuss any concerns you do have.

The nurse will discuss the process with you and ask you a few questions to make sure that you are fit for the phlebotomy service. They will then take the sample.

Following the blood draw the sample will be labelled and handed to you for you to return it to your medic. Unless it is a Superdrug test your results will be available from your provider, Superdrug will not have access to your results or health information.


Is there an age limit for the service?

We are only able to see patients aged 16 and over for phlebotomy.

Which testing providers do you work with?

We expect test kits for venous draw (These are not the same as finger prick kits) from:

  •  TDL
  • Oxford Diagnostics
  • Integrative Health Clinic,
  • Thriva
  • Let’s Get Checked
  • Medichecks

Please book the “Pay in Store” option and remember to bring the kit with you.

I have pre-paid for a venous draw when purchasing my test kit

If you have purchased a test kit and pre-paid to visit the Superdrug Clinic through the test provider, please remember to bring the kit with you. There will be no charge for the service, please select the “Pre-Paid” option on booking.

How do I book an appointment?

Please book the “Pay in Store” option and remember to bring the kit with you.


Do you offer a drop in clinic?

Our clinic in Denton now offers a drop in phlebotomy service Tuesday, Wedneday and Fridays until 10am.

Sauchiehall Clinic Phlebotomy drop in is now open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday until 10am.

No need to book an appointment!

Subject to nurse availability