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Certificate Requirements

If you are entering China from a country where yellow fever is endemic, you may require a yellow fever certificate. The same applies if you change flights at the airport of a yellow fever risk country.

How much will it cost?

Per Dose £60
Doses per course 1
Price per course £60

Recommended for some travellers

Whether you will need any of the vaccines in this section depends on the region you're travelling to, the activities you have planned and your medical history.

Although infection rates for hepatitis A have declined significantly in China over the past decade, the illness continues to pose a threat to tourists and locals alike. It is particularly prominent in western parts of the country. All travellers going to China are advised to get vaccinated for hep A. It is also important to practise good hygiene and take care to avoid potentially contaminated water and foods.

How much will it cost?

Per Dose £55
Doses per course 1
Price per course £55

One third of all individuals infected with hepatitis B worldwide reside in China. This means, that 130 million people in China carry the disease, 30 million of which are suffering from chronic hepatitis B. The hepatitis B vaccine is vital for medical professionals and aid workers who come in close contact with the local population. The infection is transmitted during sexual contact and when using contaminated needles. Be careful with getting tattoos or piercings during your stay, especially if you do not know whether the needles used are new and clean.

How much will it cost?

Per Dose £45
Doses per course 3
Price per course £135

In 2013, Japanese encephalitis cases were reported from all Chinese provinces, excluding Xizang, Xinjiang, and Qinghai. The Japanese encephalitis vaccine is not usually recommended for travellers who are only visiting major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai or Hong Kong. Travellers who are going to visit rural areas, however, may want to consider getting vaccinated. This is particularly relevant if travelling to Guizhou, Shaanxi, Sichuan, the Yunnan Provinces, or Chongqing City, where infection rates are highest.

How much will it cost?

Per Dose £89
Doses per course 2
Price per course £178

China is the country with the second highest rabies infection rate worldwide. Despite government efforts to reduce the number of stray dogs and a commitment to eliminate the disease by 2025, authorities report on average 2000 rabies related deaths per year. In addition to avoiding contact with animals (domestic and stay) during your stay in China, you may want to protect yourself with a vaccination. This is particularly important if you will be staying in a remote area, where post exposure prophylaxis is not easily accessible. Please note, that the rabies vaccine provides some immunity and extends the period of time in which post exposure prophylaxis will protect you - but you still need to get treated if you get bitten.

How much will it cost?

Per Dose £58
Doses per course 3
Price per course £174

Before you travel, you should ensure that all your standard vaccinations and boosters are up to date. This includes your boosters for tetanus, an infection which occurs when tetanus bacteria enter a wound, such as a cut or a graze.

How much will it cost?

Per Dose £32
Doses per course 1
Price per course £32

Tick-borne encephalitis is a dangerous illness transmitted by ticks. Your risk of contracting TBE in China depends on your travel destination and the time of the year you are travelling. Ticks in China tend to be active between May and August. The number of TBE cases in China has been on the increase in recent years, as an increasingly large area of forest is made accessible to tourists. If you are planning a stay in woodlands or are planning to go camping, your travel nurse may recommend that you get vaccinated against tick-borne encephalitis.

How much will it cost?

Per Dose £65
Doses per course 3
Price per course £195

Typhoid is a foodborne disease which affects between 1000 and 2000 people in China every year. The risk of typhoid is higher in rural areas and remote communities with an underdeveloped infrastructure and sanitation system. Whether you should consider the vaccine depends on your travel route.

How much will it cost?

Per Dose £32
Doses per course 1
Price per course £32

Vaccination schedule

2 doses given seven days apart.


Required after two years.

Who needs it?

When going to an area with poor sanitation, including slum areas, refugee camps and areas following natural disaster; also recommended for travel to rural areas in developing countries.

Age restrictions

Suitable from the age of two.

How much will it cost?

Per Dose £28
Doses per course 2
Price per course £56

Vaccines that are 'selectively advised'

Speak to our clinic staff about options here:

  • Tuberculosis vaccine
  • Cholera vaccine


Malaria is a serious and sometimes fatal disease transmitted by mosquitoes. You cannot be vaccinated against malaria.

Malaria Precautions

China is a low risk area and malaria tablets are not usually advised but you do need to practise insect bite avoidance to stay safe.

There is a low risk of malaria in Yunnan and Hainan provinces, so you should ensure that you practise bite avoidance if visiting these regions. There is a very low to no risk of malaria in the rest of China, including popular tourist areas.

Tell your travel nurse if you are planning a long trip, to stay in a remote area, away from easy access to medical facilities or are concerned you may be in a high risk group for medical reasons.

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